Perfect solutions
for unique challenges

Construction project management (project management office)
500 000+
square metres
up to 40%
of the client's time saved
implemented Projects
12 years
in consulting and project management
Fee-development of residential and commercial property

Our services

Architectural and Buisness concepts

Design management
Construction management
The main vector in the work of Private Development is the quality of services, optimisation of time and money and minimisation of all possible risks.
Our team is aimed at realising the full idea of the client, taking on comprehensive project management and full responsibility for the result.

Our values

  • Unique
  • The best
  • Solution of non-standart tasks
  • Open
Legal transparency of deals

For Clients
We take all responsibility for the organisation of the whole process and the achievement of results
We minimise potential risks
and manage them effectively
We are saving time, nerves, finances and other resources for our clients
We don't just design and build,
but with a thorough understanding of the client's resources, we develop solutions that fulfil the client's desires and realise their ambitions
Team of Private Development often
solves problems that are
impossible for a "standard" company
Unique services