For what?
To evaluate the visual solution for the Facility
To estimate of the Project budget
To prepare documents to be approved by co-investors or bank
For consultations
Архитектурная и Бизнес-концепции
For who?
Adapting the object to the customer's needs

Architectural and Buisness concepts

1. Planning solutions
2. Architectural solutions
3. Visualisation of the appearance (facades of the object)
4. Interior design
5. Bill of quantities of works
6. Formation of aggregated costs of expenditures
7. Formation of aggregated costs of revenues
8. Formation of project indicators
9. Determining the amount of necessary financing
10. Determining the payback period of the project (if necessary)
What do we do in the process?
Architectural concept
Business concept
Project implementation budget
Technical and economic indicators of the project
Indicative implementation schedule
What's the result?
From 2 months
Cost depends on the amount of work
How much?